Creating a Trust That Works for You

When people consider estate planning, they’re normally thinking about a will. Although a will can be an integral part of an estate plan, it’s not the only document that can protect your family and assets. In fact, there are many estate planning tools that you can use to protect you and your loved ones both in life and after death. A trust is a dynamic estate planning tool that offers a lot of unique benefits to suit Read More

Identifying and Protecting Copyrighted Works

Even if your business does not make its money in the creative space, you should be aware of copyrights and the protections offered for this type of intellectual property. According to federal law, copyrighted work is any original, creative work that has been affixed in a tangible medium. Your favorite movies, books, songs, and paintings are copyrighted works.  The copyright owner is usually the creator of the work, Read More

How To Make a Marital Settlement (Separation) Agreement That Lasts

Divorce is a difficult and emotional time in many people’s lives. For some, it was a bitter and heartbreaking experience that still influences the choices they make today. For others, it was a sad but inevitable end to a relationship that wasn’t meant to last. Ending things amicably is the most beneficial way to divorce, however, an unfortunate reality is that it doesn’t always work that way. A marital settlement Read More

Landlord Due Diligence NC Legal Documents

The relationship between landlords and tenants has historically been a contentious one, however, this can easily be avoided if both parties are educated on their own rights and responsibilities. Whether you’re a landlord who needs assistance drafting an air-tight lease or a tenant looking for a way to better understand your rental agreement, this blog post should have you covered.  Advice for New Read More

Things to Consider BEFORE Forming an LLC in North Carolina

Starting a business is an exciting prospect and building legitimacy for potential clients, customers, and investors is an essential part of the process. If you’re on the fence about whether to start your business as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company (LLC) there are some important things to consider. Before deciding on the type of business entity, here are some factors to consider:   What is an Read More

The Beginning of the Year is a Great Time to Update Your Estate Plan

New year, new plan! The new year is a big marker for change. Creating resolutions, forgiving conflict, or reminiscing on all of your yearly accomplishments. A lot can happen in a year, and you have probably experienced a lot of changes. As the owner of an estate plan, the beginning of the year is the best time to revisit your estate plan. There are numerous reasons to update and revise your estate plan, but it’s Read More

How do you update a trust?

One of the most popular estate planning documents is the revocable living trust. A trust designated as revocable may be changed, added on to, or revoked while the grantor is alive and not incapacitated. A living trust is one that takes effect as soon as the grantor creates it.  Just creating a revocable living trust, however, is just the first step of the process in fully realizing the benefits of a living trust. Read More

What type/format of business should I start? 

Starting your business is an exciting time in your life. However, before you can get the ball rolling, you need to determine what type of business you should start. There are multiple business entities you can choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  With help from a small business lawyer, you can analyze your options further after reviewing the specific details of your case. Here’s Read More

What’s the difference between a will and a trust?

When you are preparing your estate plans, figuring out what is in the best interest of yourself and your family is of utmost importance. You may be considering your options further. For example, it is common for people to wonder whether they should implement a will or execute a trust.  There are many misconceptions regarding wills and trusts, one of which being that trusts are only for the ultra-rich. However, Read More

NC Legal Documents: Do-it-Right Legal for Do-it-Yourselfers

Information is instantaneously available, due to the rise of the internet. Additionally, many services that were not available in the past, including do-it-yourself (DIY) legal forms, now exist. As a result, it is tempting to think that the forms provided by these DIY services can be a low-cost substitute for the services of an attorney. The reality is you need to be aware that using these one-size-fits-all forms may Read More