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Superior and excellent counsel at its best. Barry has been my family attorney for several years. Handling litigation from Child court, Discrimination, Harassment from business, etc. Not only is he very knowledgeable and intellectual in all areas of the law, Barry will make sure you are not novice to any parts of the case within any proceedings. I have referred many friends and relatives to Barry over the years and I have been told this was one of the best recommendations. Searching for legal counsel can be a nightmare when encountering any unlawful situation. Not knowing what legal counsel to choose and of course one of the biggest challenges can be attorney fee’s in addition with court fees. I will continue to retain, and trust Barry and I know he will continue to provide his expertise and quality.

Ash H.

Barry Brewington handled my case with the care that I needed. He walked my family through a very difficult experience and helped us understand all that was going on. I would highly recommend his services.

Carla C.

Mr. Brewington has served us for the last couple of years. He is very detail oriented. He has always been accessible. Willing to speak with us at anytime and attempt to alleviate our fears. We thank you for your service.

Gigi Parks

As the owner of a small business start up, I have sought out information from the Brewington Law Firm regarding contracts and company formation. Each time I have received sound legal advice including clear and concise step by step instructions. Based on my own interactions with this company, I have made referrals to others and have received only positive feedback in return.

L. M. Jackson

I have received superior service from Mr. Brewington on several occasions over the last five years, since I first retained him to set up my LLC. In addition to this annual service, he has represented me in a business litigation matter that was resolved satisfactorily on my behalf and in a timely and financially efficient manner. His efficiency in this matter benefited me as well as the opposing party.

Barry also reviews contracts and other legal documents for me as needed and in his proficient and detailed preparation, he has always had my best interest in mind. He is passionate about his work and knowledgeable and is available when I need him.

The most valuable thing that Mr. Brewington provides me is education. In each request, I have learned so much through his thorough research and explanation of NC case law and he has never proceeded on my behalf without explaining his recommendation, as well as discussing the pros and cons of other options or questions I may have.

I would recommend Barry for employer/contractor agreements, business litigation for professionals, and privacy and consumer law.

Juanita C.

I highly recommend the Brewington Law Firm. Mr. Brewington has served as my family’s attorney for many years. I have also felt very comfortable recommending the firm to my friends.

I had several contractual issues handled by Mr. Brewington. The issues were resolved efficiently, most were handled by negotiations. Mr. Brewington clearly explained his legal opinion, was detail-oriented, well-prepared, strategic and calming.

I recommend the firm to handle business, employment, personal injury and consumer issues.

Vicki C.

My experience with the Brewington Law Firm has been very pleasant. Mr.Brewington has been very detailed and diligent with my case. A case that I thought was too far out of reach to win. Mr.Barry was very professional in gathering all the details and would not let my opposition take advantage of me and got me the best outcome my case could have gotten and for that I’m very thankful 🙏🏽. Patience is all you need, Just be patient and I’m sure they will take care of you also.

Ralston S.

Barry Brewington, is an outstanding lawyer. He is very knowledgeable about the area that he practice.

Gary S.

I would certainly recommend. my experience with Mr. Brewington was very professional and gave me great advise in assisting with my first time meeting him.

Margaret B.